Monday, January 31, 2005

Damn those Crunch 'n Munch quality control slackers

Blech! How just plain old VILE is it to be half-way through a box of Crunch 'n Munch (buttery toffee popcorn with peanuts flavor, if you must know), with secret subconscious plans to polish off the whole box in lieu of dinner (150 calories per serving times 3.5 servings per box... not bad I say!) when you pop one glittery, buttery, crunchy (and, dare I say, munchy) glob in your mouth and bite right into a BAD peanut. Ugh ugh and double ugh!

Perhaps the WORST part is the fact that the stupid peanut song proceeds to set up residence in your head (let's all sing, "found a peanut, found a peanut, found a PEEEANUT just now...") I had to chug down AT LEAST half of my 32oz Coke just to try to rinse out all the revolting little bits stuck in my teeth. Picky eater that I am, I now am completely disenchanted with said box of Crunch 'n Munch which I'm sorry to say probably means that I will have to actually MAKE myself a meal.

Yeeeeeah who am I kidding? I know I'll just eat half a can of green beans while watching the monsters eat Dino Nuggets.