Wednesday, February 23, 2005

100 Things

I case you aren't already afraid of me....

1 - I love getting older
2 - I love to sleep
3 - When I'm trying not to completely lose my cool - I growl
4 - I have driven an ex-boyfriend to drink
5 - Then he went to AA and had to make amends with ME
6 - Smoking pot makes me really really paranoid
7 - I have never kissed a girl
8 - I have licked whipped cream off of someone
9 - I have skinny dipped in the middle of the afternoon
10 - I was busted by a guy climbing a telephone pole while I was on the diving board
11 - I have been arrested but not handcuffed
12 - I have turned, walked off and never looked back
13 - I have been a movie extra several times - it sucks
14 - I have been naked in bed with a guy for more than 24 hours
15 - An Elvis impersonator once took my shoe off and kept sniffing it and wouldn't give it back
16 - I used to play the flute
17 - I still own one
18 - I can play the piano
19 -"She's Always a Woman" by Billy Joel makes me think of me
20 - I used to mix sugar in peanut butter and eat it out of a bowl with a spoon
21 -I hate the word panties
22 - And gonch
23 - It would be very easy for me to be very bad
24 -But I'm not
25 -When I was little I wanted to change my name to Strawberry
26 -My family lost our home and everything we own when the Teton Dam broke (6-5-76)
27 -I REFUSE to shop at Walmart
28 -Not because of their business practices, I just don't like the other people in there shopping
29 -I am a big catty snob
30 -My mom recently admitted that my name doesn't suit me
31 -My mom drives me insane
32 - Vampires scare me
33 - I think masturbation rocks and I'm really wonder about people who don't self-love
34 - I have read 391 books since July 1988
35 - I was voted best dressed my Senior Year
36 - I have NO idea how that happened
37 - I am an overly generous tipper
38 - My mother swears I could read the newspaper when I was three years old
39 - I am not very limber
40 - But I'm working on it
41 - If you think I am funny - I LOVE you!
42 - I am really good at trivia
43 - Except for sports trivia, which I could not care less about
44 - I once threw a snowball at a passing police car and my brother got busted for it
45 - I love to read historical romance
46 - But I try to limit my intake so my brain doesn't rot
47 - I think Anderson Cooper is incredibly hot
48 - I get crushes alllllllllll the time
49 - Once I start reading a book, I HAVE to finish it or it drives me crazy
50 - I had sex in the jump circle of my high school gym
51 - I had already graduated
52 - I was also breaking and entering
53 - We also fooled around on the wrestling mats
54 - Brussel sprouts are so disgusting just looking at a picture of them makes me gag
55 - I love Almond Roca
56 - I got fired from Baskin Robbins for having a whip cream fight in the back room
57 - I had just run around the corner, slipped and fallen when the boss walked in
58 - I was covered in whip cream and I looked up at her red angry face and started laughing
59 - I have a problem with authority
60 - I have only seen the Grand Canyon in winter when it was snowing - it was breathtaking
61 - I have never had anything professionally waxed
62 - I love dogs
61 - My mother & I wrote a children's musical
62 - It was performed under The London Bridge in Lake Havasu during London Bridge Days
63 - I can't sing worth a shit
64 - I sing all the time and my kids yell at me to stop
65 - I make awesome Treasure Cookies
66 - I hate mushrooms
67 - I have owned two jeeps and three VW bugs and three or four other cars
68 - I hate Celine Dion and Mariah Carey
69 - I am a total sucker for accents (Spanish accents excluded)
70 - I've made guys fall in love with me just because I was bored
71 - I only had two wisdom teeth
72 - While diving off Kauai I had an octopus wrap around my left thigh
73 - I was engaged twice before I married my husband
74 - I wear the same jewelry every day and I only take it off to do yoga
75 - I don't wear underwear
76 - I pee in the shower
77 - It's the only time I get to while standing
78 - I can't stand to play Scrabble
79 - I am super polite
80 - Until it's time not to be, then I will rip your asshole out your throat
81 - I have absolutely no doubt that I would kill to protect my children
82 - I have gone sky diving twice
83 - I used to kick people when I was drunk, just for the fun of it
84 - I have fouled out of a basketball game more than once
85 - I am a mean drunk when I drink hard alcohol (see #83)
86 - I don't like seafood
87 - I would eat Mexican food every day
88 - I am addicted to fountain Coke
89 - I can't wear colored contacts because they sit crooked on my eyes and I can't see
90 - I have dressed as Olive Oyl for Halloween
91 - I can fall asleep any where at any time
92 - I hate my stepsisters for making me less special to my dad
93 - I have had sex with a man with one leg (well, one and a half)
94 - I don't remember it because I was really drunk
95 - But since we are friends he refers to it occasionally
96 - I recently wrote a short erotic story that I totally want to re-enact
97 - I love warm water beaches
98 - I don't like being cold
99 - I know how to set just about any watch
100 - I can also adjust watch bands
101 - I have a problem stopping when I should
102 - I probably talk too much
103 - You know now 102 things about me. And nothing about me.