Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Secret Identity

So a little while ago, the monsters and I were playing games on Cartoonnetwork.com (THEY were playing, I was doing a little isometric exercise called 32-pounds-pounds-of-kid-on-one-leg-and-43-pounds-of-kid-on-the-other). And we run across a little gem called "The Riddlers Secret Identity Inventor". So we give it a whirl.

Monster #1 is "The Scourge" and Monster #2 is "Sizzler" (yes I too could hear Eddie Murphy chanting "We're goin'to Sizzler! We're goin' to Sizzler!"). Daddy is Mr. Sinister.

If I put in "Mommy", I'm Dr. Goodnight, but when I put in AJ, I'm "Berzerko".

Ah, the hidden truths that are waiting to be found in the strangest places.