Saturday, February 26, 2005

She Said He Said

Here is Nick's ( response to my 100 list (I tried to do that as a link but, of course, failed miserably). Don't tell his friends. He's not supposed to fraternize with old people like me....

1. I wish I looked older
2. I love to stay up all hours of the night
3. And sleep all hours of they day
4. My ex-girlfriend drove me to drink
5. But instead of AA I just got over her
6. Smoking pot used to be a lot of fun
7. But it was a phase and I stopped
8. I have licked whipped cream off of someone
9. And it is messy
10. I’ve always loved to fly
11. I’ve been handcuffed but not arrested
12. And that was a lot of fun
13. I am a dual citizen to The United Kingdom and the US
14. I have been naked in bed with a women for more than 24 hours
15. I’ve never seen an Elvis impersonator
16. I cannot make a flute make a noise
17. But I can play the recorder quite well
18. I got a first place rating in the National Piano Guild
19. But I am saddened by how much I suck at playing now
20. I used to eat toast with salt sprinkled on it
21. Even though salt makes me cough
22. I’ve loved tofu from a very early age
23. I could be very bad
24. But then I’d feel too guilty
25. I’m the only guy in the family that doesn’t have his father’s first name as his middle
26. My mother died when I was 5
27. I will shop at Walmart
28. But I much prefer Target
29. I didn’t think I was a snob, but I might be
30. I’ve never liked my name that much
31. I don’t understand my Mum
32. Opaque water scares me
33. I am a wanker (and if they say they aren’t then they’re lying)
34. I read Oliver Twist in third grade
35. I was voted “Most likely to sleep though my wedding and birth of my first child” my senior year
36. And I understand EXACTLY how that happened
37. I always tip 18%
38. I was born 2.5 months early at 2lbs 7oz
39. I am not at thin as I used to be
40. But I am working on it
41. I like to think that I am funny
42. I am really good at trivia
43. Except for sports trivia (stupid green wedge in trivial pursuit!)
44. I threw gum at a passing police car and talked my way out of it
45. I love to read nonfiction
46. But all reading puts me to sleep
47. All of the female anchors on CNN headline news are ridiculously hot
48. I get crushes too easily
49. Once I start reading a book I often start another 3 and never finish any of them
50. I had sex in the Mediterranean on the French Riviera
51. And there were people swimming 20 feet away
52. It was a topless beach
53. And that is the worst sunburn I’ve ever had
54. Olives are disgusting and even the taste of olive oil is too much for me sometimes
55. I love Almond Liqueur
56. I’ve walked in on my parents
57. And they’ve walked in on me
58. And both were awful
59. I’m too easy going to have a problem with authority
60. I have only seen the Grand Canyon from an airplane
61. I’ve had a car professionally waxed
62. I love cats
63. I wish I could write decent music
64. But I can only read sheet music, I can’t even improvise
65. I can’t sing worth a shit
66. I sing all the time in the car
67. I make awesome curry
68. I adore mushrooms
69. I will always buy Honda or Acura
70. I hate Jessica Simpson but she is super hot
71. I wish I still had my accent
72. I’ve seduced women just to see if I could
73. I wasn’t supposed to get wisdom teeth but I did
74. Octopus makes good sushi
75. I was about to get engaged once
76. I miss wearing a ring
77. I’ve never understood why it is called “going commando”
78. I pee in the shower
79. If I have athlete’s foot (it cures it)
80. I can’t stand to play Checkers but I love Chess
81. I am super polite
82. Even when its time not to be
83. I can’t wait to have children one day
84. I want to go skydiving
85. I used to kick cars when I was drunk
86. I’ve fouled out of a soccer game for illegal tackles
87. I blackout when I drink hard alcohol
88. I LOVE seafood
89. I could eat Taco Bell everyday
90. I will only drink diet soda, regular tastes nasty
91. I don’t wear colored contacts because I have brilliantly blue eyes
92. I have dressed as a Blue Man for Halloween
93. I can fall asleep anywhere anyttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
94. I found out a few years ago that I had an older sister who didn’t survive birth
95. I’ve had sex with a girl with a scorpion tattoo
96. It kind of freaked me out
97. But she was dynamite in bed
98. I’ve tried to write stand-up comedy, emphasis on tried
99. I love the Jersey Shore
100. I’d rather be cold then hot because you can always make yourself warmer
101. I own two watches and one is a fake Rolex
102. My other watch band keeps breaking all the time
103. I also have a problem stopping when I should
104. AJ really had 105 items on her list, she miscounted around #60
105. You now know 104 things about me, and 1 more thing about AJ