Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wheel of Misfortune

I...........have...........HAD IT...............with my children!!

I am taking drastic measures.

I am so tired of yelling at them and trying to think of punishments, that I came to my trusty friend Enid Internet for a solution. And lo and behold, providence has delivered. Google and ye shall receive.

I just spent the last oh, hour or so, building my latest child torture device - The Spinner.

By completely bastardizing the spinner from a now defunct "Don't Wake Daddy" game (Daddy having become perpetually "awake" by refusing to lie back down in the coffin like bed from whence he came) I will now be removing myself from my "Cats"-like run as "bad cop". My children will now spin for their consequences.

Ingenious, isn't it?

Me: You are whining - go spin the spinner.
Child: Yeah! The spinner! Yeah! I landed on the TV!
Me: That means you lose TV watching privilages for the day.
Child: What? (starting to snivel)
Me: Would you like to spin again and get ANOTHER consequence? No? Then can the water works.
(example dialogue - actual children not used)

Now, now, hold your applause and hang up on the patent office, I can't take credit for it. Some therapist "invented" it, I just cloned her idea as I am unwilling to fork over $14.95 to see what diabolical "must do's" that she came up with.

If this works, hub is getting one too.