Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool

You don't have to play any tricks on me today people as, apparently, I am out to get myself.

First as I was walking down the stairs in my socks (which I don't normally wear, but occasionally my concern over the welfare of the carpet - or more likely the increasingly hazardous stickiness of the kitchen tile - makes me rethink my normal barefoot routine) carrying a bunch of hangars down to the laundry room when I SLIPPED. I was on my ass, at the bottom, and in pain before I ever even knew what hit me.

The floor looked like a hangar grenade exploded and I had somehow managed to scrape my inner right arm on the (now I know) SHARP edge of the newel post from right above my elbow on up in such a manner as to cause skin loss and instant bruising.

"GAAAAHHH! GAAHHH!", I cried like a wounded Muppet. My left hand, of it's own volition, fluttered up to the inside of my right arm to offer consolation and scope out the damage. The contact caused me to again bleat out,


Then, trooper I am, I got up, shook it off, scooped up my once neatly arranged assortment of hangars and continued on to the laundry room. Uh, well I DID take my socks off first. I am holding them personally responsible for the incident and have informed them they will be confined to the inside of shoes from here on out. Fucking assassin socks.

Then, later I did SOMETHING ELSE to myself which I now can't seem to recall. I'm thinking it might have involved a blow to the head, but I can't remember.

Happy First of April from a certified Fool.