Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Gimme a T!!

Last night we went to N's first t-ball game. You couldn't miss us. We were the geeks with adult-sized uniform shirts that said "N's mom", "N's dad", "N's nana" and "N's grandpa" on them. We were also yelling almost the entire time (okay, that was actually just me, seeing as how I feel that there are very few things in life that can't be improved by yelling during them - see also "sex", "roller coasters" and "giving birth").

Highlights (other than the 25 MPH wind) -

- Our first base girl and our "pitcher" girl running toward a ball dribbling up the first base line. First base girl gets it first and hands it to pitcher girl who holds it until first base girl gets back to first base then throws it to her. It makes it about a third of the way. First base girl runs over and picks it up and runs back to first base (where the runner has been for about a minute and a half).

- Our catcher "pouncing" on every ball in his reach and rolling around with it like he's wrestling a Bengal tiger. I love this kid.

- Their batter who whiffs three or four times then finally makes just enough contact to knock the ball off the tee. Barely. Repeat whole cycle six or seven times until he finally hits it off and it rolls about four feet. The umpire decides to make an exception by not calling it a foul (otherwise we might be here all day) and tells him to run. Which he does - toward the pitching mound. Then, to cries of "First base! First base!!", toward second.

- Batters repeatedly running to first and standing with their teammate until said teammate can be convinced to scurry on to second. Repeatedly.

- Play continuing despite various players on both sides being carried to the port-o-potties and/or chasing their hats (did I mention the wind?).

- Outfield players, oblivious of the cliche', picking dandelions

Oh, and the Chick-Fil-A cow put in an appearance.

It was a red letter day.