Monday, April 18, 2005

Howling at the Moon

Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton:

"Sometimes it's just a gesture, a turn of the head, and you catch your breath, your body reacts on a level you can't control. When it happens, you pretend it didn't, you hide it. Heaven forbid that the object of such instant desire should know what you're thinking."

What is it? Is it the sudden bevy of wrinkles that appears at the corner of his eye when he smiles? Is it the sheepish running of brawny hand through hair that is so childish that it is endearing and sexy all at once?

I think hands are sexy. Some people are all about feet. Or eyes. Or (fill in body part).

Sometimes you can't put the attraction into words. It's just something IN that other person that calls to something IN you.

Yet, "heaven forbid" that person should know what is happening to you. That your mouth is inexplicable watering. That your stomach went a little fluttery. That things lower than your stomach are tingling. Or your knees are threatening to buckle.

Or should they?