Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I HATE eBay! (But Having Said That....)

I fear for humanity. Truly I do. Although I do get a good daily laugh from it.

hell hath no fury

What? You don't believe in magic? It's the devil's plaything? Oh yeah??!! Well get a load of this!

Look out Pope! Here he comes!!!

You wait until your child is sleeping then put this on their nightstand.

We've seen that the Pope has really gotten around since he died, but now he's got a little boogie in him.

Tuesday is voodoo day.

I already have one of these. I call it "hub". But you might want one.

I'm leaning toward Big Mac, QP With Cheese, Meatloafy, Porterhouse and goulash.

You guys can't actually have this one because I'm all over it. My mom has a birthday coming up.

Her name is Paula (yes HER, keep scrolling down) and she comes by Greyhound bus (I bet none of the other "passengers" even notice).

What to give your ex as a wedding gift (yeah, I'm talking to you Nick!)

Elvis? I'm thinking Lucy from Peanuts.

I ONLY eat Claussen pickles.

Tired of playing Tonto? Now you get to be Silver.

Okay, I gotta go. It's my turn to bring treats for t-ball.