Thursday, April 21, 2005

Like Mrs. Kravitz, Only Not So Much

I have the most AWESOME neighbor.

Hub and I had the grand total of Two Days to pick a house when we moved here. When we first looked at this one, she was out front of her house and hollered at us "The neighbors are really nice!" and, believe it or not, I wrote that down in my notes about the house (had to keep notes - we saw like twenty some houses in a day-and-a-half).

When I first moved in she:
1 - brought me a map she had drawn of the cul-de-sac with everyone's names, phone numbers, kids names & ages.
2 - brought us breakfast for our first night & organized other neighbors bringing us other meals
3 - brought my kids the most awesome bag lunch while the movers were moving furniture in & I had them cordoned off in the back room

She is beyond fabulous. Plus she has the same kids-will-be-kids-and-more-than-likely-hurt-each-other-severely-on-occasion attitude that I do. I have carried her son back to her house crying numerous times and my son had to get two stitches where his eyebrow meets the top of his nose because her son clocked him in the head with a spade. I told her she should have taken me up on the who-will-send-who-to-the-ER-first pool.

Last night my husband was out of town. My daughter, who had done a little Chernobyl in Target was up in her room, without dinner, going to bed at 5:20pm (apparently April is "Test Your Mommy" month). My son was playing in our yard with her son & the girl next door.

Awesome neighbor calls and says she's grilling burgers, can my son eat over there? I tell her sure, hub is out of town & daughter is in her room, blah blah blah, so we weren't exactly breaking out the chateaubriand tonight. She then offers to send me over a burger and I, never too high-and-mighty to turn down the offer of free food (which occasionally got me into questionable situations during my dating days, but that's another story), say "sure!".

So when the burgers are done she calls over, I send the boys over to her house & the girl home & she sends the boys back over with my superbly delicious burger. She then calls later to see if I had enough & offers to send me another over where I reply that I can't even finish the first one, tasty though it was, because it was giganormous and I am stuffed like last year's Anna Nicole.

About an hour later she calls laughing to tell me that the boys (mine plus two of hers) were jumping on the trampoline when she hears blood curdling screams emanating from the backyard. She rushes out to see all three clutching their heads. Her two are gushing and boohooing and mine is just holding his head and scritching his eyes. She calms her two and comments to mine that the her boys must have taken the brunt of the collision because he doesn't seem to hurt. He tells her,"It hurts, but it doesn't hurt as bad as when C hit me in the head with the shovel." She cracks up and probably leaves her kids blubbering in the yard so she can go in, tell her husband about it, then call me.

A little later she walks my son home & brings me apple crisp for dessert. Now, here is why I REALLY love her - not only does she TRIP on the way over and drop my apple crisp upside down (it was tinfoiled, no fear), but she TELLS me about it when she gets here and we both laugh our asses off!

How can you NOT love a girl like that?