Sunday, April 03, 2005

Okie Dorkie

These crazy Okies...

Last night, hub went down to his mom's house (have I mentioned that she just moved here from AZ? Down the street?) to watch the Suns game (keeping up on the hometown teams - her husband has the package deal-i-o where you get ALL games for NBA and Baseball. No football though because, let's face it, no one outside the owner and the players families gives a RAT'S PATOOTIE about the Cardinals). I took the opportunity to lounge on the couch and watch some backlogged TiVo crap.

About, oh, 9:30 or so the phone rings. I THROW myself off the couch and through the kitchen and LAND on top of the phone mid ring two. I am irate because hub is out and calling when he KNOWS the kids are in bed. I'm thinking to myself, "this had better be good".

Me: (a little breathless) Hello?

Him: (a little slurry) Hello?

("Great!!", I think, "How many beers HAS he had? What a jackass.")

Me: What the HELL are you doing calling me?

Him: Uh, who is this?

Me: Who the hell do you think it is?

Him: Uh...

Me: Who were you trying to call, you JACKASS??!!

Him: Uh, well uh, I was trying to call my fiance.

Me: (ROARING with laughter) OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD! I AM SOOOOO SORRY! (laughing so hard by this time that I am bent over) I totally thought you were my husband! Oh my God! I AM so sorry!

Him: Well, uh, I guess I forgot to dial the area code or somethin'. Are you in Tulsa because I'm tryin' to call from Fort (something something - I was still laughing too hard to catch it)?

Me: Yes, I'm in Tulsa. Really, I am SO sorry!

Him: No problem. I guess I just messed up.

Me: (trying to quit laughing and picturing this guy thinking "Who IS this psycho chick??!!") I bet you're glad I'M not your fiance, hunh?

Him: Yeah, uh, heh heh. Well, sorry.

Me: No problem! Really! Sorry!! Sorry!


I go back to horizontal mode still chuckling to myself.

Fast forward to today.

We walked down to MIL's house for dinner. When we get home a little after 8:30, I check the messages while hub herds the monkeys up to get jammies and brush teeth.

"You have ONE new message...
New message, today at 8:30pm...

"Hello, this is Ronnie Hargrove. Hey, I was just callin' - one of my buddies called you on accident last night and he told me I needed to call you just so I could hear what a sexy voice you had. I know it sounds kind of silly. But, anyway, if you wanna call me back for some reason, my number is XXX-XXXX and sorry for callin'. Bye."

"End of message. To erase this message press 7. To save it press 9."

Nine, baby! NINE!!!