Sunday, May 29, 2005

Life's Ruff

My dad just got a new dog - a seven week old yellow lab puppy - and I could not BE more jealous.

When my son was almost two years old we found out that he allergic to dogs, cats & dust mites. Since his allergies induce asthmatic reactions (i.e. he can't breathe) they tell us he will never outgrow it (and you know it MUST be true if "they" say it).

I love dogs. L-O-V-E dogs. Big slobbery dogs. Just want to maul them whenever I see them. The knowledge that I can NEVER have one EVER again is pretty depressing. Even when he grows up and moves out we figure we STILL can't get one because that would be tantamount to saying "You may not visit us EVER."

Yes, I know, my son is a million billion to the power of infinity times better than any animal.

But still.....