Monday, May 02, 2005

Of Mice and Men

Father-In-Law: There sure are a lot of Hummers around here.

Hub: I know. There's two in our neighborhood alone.

FIL: Why would anyone want one of those?

Hub: I think they're kind of cool.

FIL: Really? They go, what?, like 2 miles per gallon.

Hub: Yeah? Well what's your dream car?

FIL: I don't really have one.

Me: Come on! You've never had a Dream Car?

Hub: What was it that you used to want? Some kind of Porsche?

FIL: Oh yeah! A 1955 Bathtub Porsche.

Hub: That's right!

Me: Really? Why?

FIL: Because that's what Mighty Mouse drives.