Sunday, May 22, 2005

"Time Enough at Last"

On July 18, 1988 I created a monster.

I have no idea why, but on that day I decided to keep a journal of books I was reading. I was 19 years old.

I know part of the idea came from my determination to read all of a list of "100 Great Books". I can't even remember where the list of 100 books came from, but I know it was a catalyst because the list is in the front of the book before my book entries start. I know I also wanted to keep track of some of the amazing quotes I was reading.

And I have.

I have kept track of books through numerous boyfriends, three engagements, one marriage, two children and through the ownership of a dog and a cat. I have kept track of quotes that have given me strength, and pause, through my many ups and downs.

I have kept track of authors, good and bad, through 15 homes (I think - I loose track) and moves in and out of five states. I kept track when I believed in God with a big G. I kept track when I didn't even believe in me. I have read famous authors, classic authors, authors that would probably be heartened to know that their book was actually read, and I had the privilege of reading a book before it even became a book.

I have read books that I own, that I've borrowed and returned, that I've loaned and lost. I own a great debt to libraries all over the country. One library I actually owe a book and I feel guilty about that to this day.

The book of books, covered in a bright floral cloth, threatens to spill its guts every time I pick it up. On day one of starting my blog, I wanted to transfer all the knowledge from my book of books to an alternate location. I wanted to share. I wanted some of these powerful words to touch others as they have touched me.

Some of the books are so deep inside me that just typing their titles brought visions flooding through me. Some I don't even remember reading - but they are few.

So 17 years later, here it is - 405 books and counting.

If you are ever bored, or need a good quote or maybe just want to see one of the mysterious ingredients that makes up the cocktail of "me", go to the sidebar and hit "complete list with excerpts".

I still only have half of the "100 List" read. I keep getting distracted.