Thursday, May 26, 2005

Time Flies

Five years ago I had a dog named Tori. I loved her like crazy. She accompanied me on numerous adventures including traveling via U-Haul at least three times.

Now I have no pets what so ever.

Five years ago I had a mortgage that I thought was ridiculous.

Now I have a mortgage that is EASILY twice as much.

Five years ago I drove a Jeep & I LOVED driving with the top off - skin cancer be damned!

Now I have a SUV that I chose due to the high safety ratings.

Five years ago I could never find a movie to rent at Blockbuster because we had already SEEN everything remotely interesting when it was in the theatres.

Now I have been to less than a handful of movies in the past twelve months and I don't even KNOW where my friendly neighborhood Blockbuster is. If I can't TiVo it, I just don't see it.

Five years ago I had a fabulous job that let me travel all over the country and they NEVER questioned my expense reports.

Now I could spend an entire week without even getting in my car & I would be perfectly happy.

Five years.

Five years ago I gave birth to my son. He is so beautiful that it breaks my heart to look at him sometimes. I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that this amazing, gorgeous, sweet, funny, delightful little creature came OUT OF ME!

Five years ago I became the luckiest woman in the world.