Friday, June 17, 2005

...Or a Serious Expression, In the Middle of July...

I have a really big secret. A postsecret kind of secret.

Promise you won't tell?

Well, okay....

I'm masquerading as a grown-up.

I have thought (for many years now actually) that there would come a time when I would actually, finally, completely FEEL like a bona fide grown up.

I'm still waiting.

Oh sure, there have been times of grown-up-ed-ness. I'm going to have to say though, in general, it just doesn't seem to be sticking.

I just like to play. Take naps. Goof around. Read the funnies. Not take things seriously.

Is it EVER going to happen? Am I EVER going to feel old?

I'm thinking maybe in my sixties. Or seventies. Not forties or fifties though. That's just too dang young to be old.

I think the main thing is - I just don't WANNA grow up.

And you can't make me.