Friday, July 22, 2005

Open Letter

Attention Tragically Misguided Assholes,

The is no god - big G god, little g god, god with a tail, god with tusks, god with crown of thorns, god in flowing robe, white god, black god, brown god, male god, female god, barking monkey poo god - that condones the slaughter of innocent people. You will not be greeted in the Great Beyond or Heaven or Your Next Incarnation with cookies and virgins. You will be going to Hell, Someplace REALLY Bad or come back as an animal used for scientific research.

I don't care what you believe. You are wrong. Grossly wrong. I laugh at your future comeuppance as I gnash my teeth at your insanity. I spit at you. If you want to commit suicide I heartily encourage you to do so as you are so mentally deranged society has no place for you. Just don't think you have to take people with you.

Karma will get you. I don't care if you believe in it or not. It WILL get you.

I only wish we could all be there to see it.

Oh, and I also want to say, from the bottom of my anguished heart -