Monday, August 22, 2005


You know how sometimes a song just grabs you by the insides and just won't let you go?

That's how I feel about "Blurry" by Puddle of Mudd. It's not just the lyrics (which are fabulous), it's the way the melody progresses.

It starts out pretty and floaty. Then the lyrics come in and are deep and confusing, tortured and heartfelt - ways I have felt far too many times.

Then the anger kicks in. The song YELLS at you. Let's you know how much the rejection hurts. How you can't even FUNCTION when you are so mentally and emotionally wrapped around someone. You trip, fall, and can't even find the strength to rise up again.

Then the song recovers, you know how it goes, you try one more time because you JUST. HAVE. TO. You love them sooooooooo much they just HAVE to love you, right? You can make them see. You HAVE to make them see. Your very fibers, every drop of liquid inside you, cries out for that person. Why can't they see?

Then the anger again. The anger. It ends with the singer continuing to seek an explanation.

That explanation never comes, does it?