Friday, September 30, 2005

Another Entry For the "She NEVER Learns, Does She?" File

I have two, count them TWO, new and exciting wounds from my ongoing love/hate relationship with scooters.

You may recall my last painful debacle. I STILL have a half-dollar sized bruise on the front of my left shin from THAT one. Obviously though the memory of the pain has faded even though the signs of injury have not. Good enough for me. Apparently.

So the girl and I walk our happy little kindergartener to school the other day. And by "walk" I mean "I walk and they ride their scooters". Well after Captain Kinderoo gets dropped off, I now have a scooter to get home.

Yes, yes, you see it coming don't you.

I would like to say in my defense that I DID NOT FALL OFF this time!! What I DID do is get off it to step off a curb and when I lifted it up to set it down in the street to cross the intersection it viciously (and, I believe, with malicious forethought) swung around and smacked evilly into my right heel. RIGHT ON THE BONE part too. I'm pretty sure I heard chortling.

Scooter 2, AJ 0