Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hi, My Name is Pollyanna

I have a problem (okay, you know I have many problems, but let's focus).

My problem is that I ASSUME (yes, yes, horrible word) that people will DO THEIR JOB. If I drop clothes off at the dry cleaners, I ASSUME that they will be ready a day or two later when I go to pick them up. I ASSUME that when I call my husband's gym and tell them that they charged us twice this month, that they will promptly credit our account. Most of the time, in my blissful world, people actually DO what they are supposed to/are paid to do.

Here is my trouble.

I assume that people will ALWAYS do what they are supposed to do / are paid to do. Even when, yes I know I am a capital F Fool, when I am dealing with a motor vehicle department. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Especially when I have already wrangled with these people before.


We bought our car right before we moved to Oklahoma. My husband's new position included a company car so we decided it made a lot more sense to trade in both our current vehicles for a new car in AZ than to transport BOTH cars to OK and do it there. Right? Right. We tell them we are moving out of state & will register it there. They give us a 30 day plate. Again, makes sense, right? Well, you'd THINK!

When I get to Oklahoma and try to register the car I discover the foolishness of my actions. In OK when you buy a new car, you pay the sales tax when you register the vehicle. In AZ, you pay the sales tax when you BUY the car. So OK won't register it unless I pay them the sales tax (not an insignificant amount). AZ won't give the tax back because I bought it there. I wrangle back & forth for D.A.Y.S. Both sides telling me the other side is wrong. I finally just called the dealership & had them order me plates, which, thank the heavens, they did.

*back to present*

For reasons probably relating to the brou-ha-ha above, I never received a copy of my registration. Since my tags are expiring, I go to the Arizona Department of Tranportation website and try to print out a duplicate. Surprise, surprise, it doesn't work. So I have to call.

Interesting note - ADOT (and probably many other Arizona governmental offices) use convicted prisoners to answer phones. They tell you on the recorded message not to divulge personal information until you reach a Level Two employee. You know this because they TELL you they are Level Two. What a system. I'd complain, but at least I could understand them.

Turns out that AZ had sent me a letter asking to verify my insurance coverage. I have to take their word for it as I have no such letter. When I did not respond, the suspended my registration. I call my insurance agent & they oh so politely (I LOVE my insurance agent's staff, they are lovely women) get the letter faxed off right away. I was told it would take several days to get reinstated. Of course. Whatever.

Today I try to get the info on line again. What a shock! It STILL won't come up. I call ADOT again. After almost an hour on hold I speak to some dolt who tells me it was never entered. *sigh* I have to call my insurance agent AGAIN. She remembers me (because she told me the first time they had never had to do a letter like that before - lucky me) and apologizes even though it wasn't any fault of hers and when I tell her this she says, "I'm just so sorry for the hassle you are going through." Sweet, hunh?

When I asked the dolt on the phone how long it would take until I could get a copy of my registration she said, and I quote, "Oh they enter that stuff right away when they get it."