Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Vaya Con Dios, Amigos

We just had some good friends here visiting from Houston (aka seeking refuge from Hurricane Rita - which turned out, thankfully, not to be so bad in their area). When we lived in Arizona, we had three couples that we frequently did things with (as well as many fringe friends that we saw on bigger occasions like birthday parties, poker nights, Super Bowl parties, weddings, etc.) This couple was our favorite.

The guy and my husband have been friends since seventh grade. I LOVE his wife (she thinks I'm hysterical and laughs at everything I say - how can I NOT love her?). Plus our husbands are so much alike that we can bemoan our identical plights. We wanted to pick them to be surrogate parents to our children in case we both were killed by a hurtling meteor or food poisoning or something, but they already were "on record" with a couple of other couples so we had to go to Plan B (which we STILL can't figure out).

We had such a good time while they were here. The kids (ages 3, 3, 5 & 9) played mostly nicely together. We went out to eat, laughed, and talked and talked and talked.

When we discussed the possibility of moving here, we knew it was going to be hard leaving our friends. The hub had lived most of his life in AZ and had friends from grade school, High School and college that he interacted regularly with. My best friend married a good friend of his via our hooking them up (in retrospect - NOT a good match, but hey, they are still married so what are you gonna do?). We have been with these people through weddings, pregnancies (full-term and tragically otherwise), promotions, moves across town, job changes, divorces, and so on.

When you are an adult it's HARD to make new friends. It's not like when you were in school and had a ready made group of peers floating around you all day. Your only chances out here in Adult World are hooking up through work or through your kids activities. Since we moved here we do things mostly with the people in our neighborhood (through HOA sponsored activities) but that's about it.

We didn't realize how much we missed that until this past weekend.

Or as James Jones says in From Here to Eternity: "...it seems like life is made up of saying hello to people we don't like and good-by to people we do."