Monday, September 19, 2005

Viva la TV!

Why is it that we, as mothers, feel as though we have to apologize for letting our children watch television? I recently, within the same week, read in an article AND a recently published book where a mother is putting her child in front of the TV because they have to get something done (in the article she had to make dinner and in the book she was killing a demon). In both instances they felt guilty and apologetic. They felt like they have to validate their decision by saying things like, "At least it's educational" or "Just a half hour won't damage him".

Why is it not okay to just want a little Mommy Time? You should NOT feel guilty if Barney is the only thing that gets grubby mitts off your pant leg long enough that you can actually fix a meal (even if you are just opening a couple of cans or dialing the phone). You shouldn't feel guilty even if all you do during that time is slump on the couch in your pajamas (at 3pm) and sip a little Merlot.

When did TV get to be so evil? TV rocks! There is a plethora of kids shows nowadays and almost every last one of them has some sort of redeeming value. Even Spongebob taught my kids his own version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Cartoon characters teach morals, values, letters, numbers, history and foreign languages. Sure, the songs are a little on the get-stuck-in-your-head side but, damn it!, we all have to make sacrifices.

I have alphabet and number flash cards in my car. I have never failed to point out left shoe and right shoe even when my child could do more than drool on said shoe. I brake for weird bugs and pretty fallen leaves. We count out loud going up and down stairs. But you know what? Sometimes enough is enough.

When my husband bought me TiVo for my birthday two years ago, I cried tears of joy. At last, Max and Ruby could be on ANY TIME I WANTED THEM TO BE ON. Oh the joy! The pure sweet liberating JOY of on-demand kids programming. I want to start a program where the hospital just GIVES you TiVo, right there in the delivery room.

"Congratulations! It's a boy! And TiVo!"