Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Guess It Lived Up to It's Name

So I'm eating a piece of Laffy Taffy today.

Strawberry. Snack size. You know the type.

For reasons currently unknown to me (sun spots? aliens? gophers?), right as I'm about to swallow the gooey, sticky, slobbery mass, I start coughing.

But on the first cough, some of the previously mentioned delicious slime, shoots UP MY NOSE.

*GACK* *cough* *snort* *GACK* ***GACK***

Oh great god of candy, what have I EVER done to ANGER YOU SO??

I'm coughing and heaving and my nose is smarting like a bad night at Studio 56. My eyes are watering heavily and I'm starting to look like a rabid raccoon.

Holy mother of monkeys!

More coughing. More snorting. More GACK-ing.

I have just about recovered when I start REALLY thinking about what is going on. How I am shooting artificially strawberry flavored, Red Lake #5 colored, mucus and slobber EVERYWHERE.

Then I start laughing. Which DOES NOT HELP the coughing/snorting/GACK-ing situation.

It's so fun to be me.