Friday, October 07, 2005

That's What You Get for Going Out of Town and Leaving ME in Charge

(Background info - We signed the boy up for Kindergarten Intramural Basketball. There was a meeting Tuesday night to advise parents of the number of teams, they get to meet the coaches, etc.)

Phone conversation with hub (in Arkansas on business):

Hub: So were you able to go to the basketball meeting?

Me: Yeah. You will NEVER guess who the coach is.

Hub: Willie's dad?

Me: Nope. Willie isn't even playing.

Hub: John's dad?

Me: No. He just coaches t-ball.

Hub: Who is it?

Me: You're talkin' to 'em.



Boy in background yelling: It's mommy!



Boy yells again: IT'S MOMMY!!!


Me to boy: Give daddy a minute honey, I think he's having a break down.

Hub, finally: Whaa...whaaaa...WHAT??