Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yes, I CAN Hold My Tongue

My neighbor & I (no, not best-neighbor-ever, the OTHER one) were walking our kids to school today. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Sun shining, butterflies flitting, but the changing of the leaves reminding us that these idyllic days are drawing to a close and therefore making them that much sweeter.

As we walked, our "twin" car drove by. It is the same make & color as our car, but it has zebra print seat covers & the driver is a woman who wears a hijab. Pretty easy to tell us apart.

My neighbor says that her friend lives next door to this woman & sometimes the kids play together. Therefore, and I quote, "She had to explain to her kids how they have a religion but it's the wrong religion". Apparently she had this chat with her kids because she didn't want them to LEARN anything about the other religion but she didn't want them to be prejudiced against them. You know, because, again I quote, "They HAVE a god, it's just the WRONG god. Not a real god. You know, they don't believe in Jesus or anything."

If my neighbor had A.N.Y. idea W.H.A.T.S.O.E.V.E.R. what lurks behind my mild-mannered exterior, I SWEAR she would have me run out of the neighborhood by a mob wielding pitchforks.

I just changed the subject - "Wow, there sure are a LOT of butterflies out now! I love how those bushes in front of your house really seem to attract them."

Apparently Jesus wants her home to look pretty.