Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Saved by a Slim Jim

On my way to work yesterday, I stopped for my usual 34oz of Happiness at ye olde Fiesta Mart then circled out of the parking lot & stopped at the red light. As I waited for the light to change I looked down and spied a Slim Jim laying in the center console.

I picked it up and mulled over eating it. I really SHOULDN'T eat it because after all, it wasn't mine. Plus I don't really LIKE Slim Jim's after about the first bite. But still, I was here, it was here.... About this point in my musings I look up and notice that the light had turned green.

"Oh crap! The light!" I think. But instead of just throwing the Slim Jim down, as I USUALLY would do, I turn to the passenger seat and try to stuff it into my book bag. It didn't make it in on the first jab so I had to get a little forceful with it. Then I turned back and put my foot down on the gas.

Right as I start to move forward, a little red car comes BARRELING through the intersection from my left.

I just sat there stunned for a second. I should, by all rights, have been RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT INTERSECTION. Every hair on my body was standing straight up and my mouth was hanging open. I swear I heard magical twinkling music.

If it had not been for that stupid Slim Jim I know, I KNOW, I would be either dead or hurt quite badly.

My guardian angel sure is a tricky.

And the Slim Jim? My daughter ate it. I got the first bite.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Today's Official BIG FAT WASTE OF TIME

go here

make one

you know you want to