Monday, October 30, 2006

It's the Great Rip-Off, Charlie Brown!

This weekend the mongrels and I had to make ourselves scarce for two hours while our realtor held an Open House at our place (don't get me started). So I finally caved into their wee little pleas, and took them to Pumpkin Town.

Now, it SOUNDS like it might be a neat place, chock full of fall festivities for the family. Right? Humph! Kinda-sorta-not-really.

Let me put in Visa commercial terms for you all....

Pony ride - $4
Inflatable slide ride - $3
Hay ride - $4
Pumpkin - $15
Time spent frolicking together in happy family harmony - Priceless

And that's where they screw you folks. With the fucking "happy family harmony" angle. God forbid you just go to Costco and buy a big ole pumpkin for five bucks. Noooooo - you gotta give them the whole shebang.

ESPECIALLY when Pumpkin Town is on the corner across from your nearest McDonald's and therefore you can't slip in for a Snack Wrap (mmmmmm, Snack Wrap) without it screaming at you that you need to bring your poor chitlins on over or deprive them of bright, shiny Halloween memories.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I have pony poo on my shoe.