Monday, November 13, 2006

Doodle? Doorbell? Doobie?

I watched Doogal with the kids last night. Can I just say....Ugh!

I was lured into thinking it might be good because...

I THOUGHT (because, apparently, I am an idiot) that it was made by the guys who made Hoodwinked. I LOVED Hoodwinked, and not just because Red was voiced by Anne Hathaway who I am predisposed to like thanks to many viewings of OTHER junior market movies (although she really needs to stop flashing her rack around so much - yes, your boobs are mighty and it was lovely of you to let us admire them, but knockers, uhm, KNOCK IT off already. Your nipples are the new Paris Hilton's crotch).

Doogal just plain old-fashioned sucks ass. The animation is crap and the voices don't really match the lip movements. The entire premise is retarded. All the characters are so lame that you are HOPING they all die and NOT just because the Evil Villain is voiced by Jon Stewart and I have been waiting for YEARS for him to accept my invitation to impregnate me.

Now, I know this warning comes too late to save many of you, as we did not watch it in the theatre or buy the Happy Meal or get it on DVD but waited until it came on Starz (or was it Encore?). But those of you I can protect, by god, I will not leave you behind!

I can only hope that the death of many of my brain cells (sure, I don't use them much but I kinda like having them around) and the loss of approximately 78 minutes of my life not have been in vain. Run away!

(Special note to Jon - I still love you)