Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. It was all about fun. You get to wear a costume and eat tons of candy. It's pretty much the perfect holiday.

Now Halloween has a tendency to make me angry.

I'm mad that schools no longer have Halloween parties or allow kids to wear their costumes to school. When did this happen? Who let this happen? Why?

I'm mad the kids who are too old to be trick-or-treating show up at my door and thrust a pillow case at me. Wearing your own clothes and saying you are a "skater" is not a costume. Wearing your own clothes with one sleeve and one pantleg rolled up and saying you are a "hobo" is not a costume. Get lost already.

But there is still much about Halloween to love.

Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas is still one of my favorite movies. I think we are going to take the kids to go see it in 3D this weekend (in fact, when my son was really little he wouldn't watch Shrek or Monster's Inc because they scared him, but he LOVED Nightmare Before Christmas).

Little kids in their costumes are just tiny pieces of heaven stopping at my front door. Especially when they say "fricker freat!" or "tickle treat!". I love to ooh and aah at them. They make my heart hurt.

My son wore a Yoda costume. Except for the fact that he ditched the Yoda mask before we even left the house. That left him in a Jedi outfit with a robe. So he told everyone he was Mace Windu. Sure little white boy. Sure you are.

My daughter was Daphne from Scooby Doo. No one knew who she was. She just looked like a little cocktail waitress in a giant orange wig and fuschia go-go boots. When some brave soul would ask who she was, she told them "I'm DAPH-ah-nee" which only served to confuse them further. When I clarified, they would go "Oooooh!" and laugh.

May the Mystery Machine be with you.