Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Phone Rage

So I'm driving home from the library today. As I stop at a light, I happen to look in my rearview mirror and see the lady in the SUV behind me talking on the phone.

I say "talking" but that is not exactly correct. It was more like "ripping-someone -a-new-one" on the phone. Seriously, I can't lip read or anything but, trust me, you didn't need to. This woman was flipping her head and yelling (I'm assuming she doesn't always open her mouth that wide when she's talking) and hand gesturing like Helen Keller on speed. Apparently the poor rip-ee on the other end kept hanging up on her because every so often she would take the phone off her head, push a couple of buttons, put it back up to her head then commence yelling again.

I was now completely paranoid that she was going to ram into me at, well, ramming speed since she was so preoccupied with her tirade I'm pretty sure she only had approximately 2% of brain power left to actually control her ten tons of motor vehicle.

So I did what I think any red-blooded American would do in this situation.

I pulled into McDonalds and got a Happy Meal.

Someone had to.